reconnecting the unconnected lands

Anwar Samara

doc. mag. Polona Filipič, MArch Bi
doc. Primož Hočevar
asist. Sinan Mihelčič

The project takes place on the border between Israel and Palestine. It aims to achieve communication between the various regions of the Holy Land in order to establish an integrated trade exchange center that includes training places, vocational school, Market place and recreation spaces in addition to all other needed services such as train stations, logistics center, etc. All will take place along an urban corridor that starts from Ramallah and Ends in Gaza. The main concept is to bring down the segregation wall and re-establishing the railway lines that where destructed by Israeli-occupation in order to create this disconnection.
The design project aims to preserve the spatial features of the place of the Palestinian popular market in terms of composition and architectural elements, such as coverage and narrow corridors in a way that is compatible with the modern urban and architectural design where traders from different places in The holy land can bring their Agro-products and other local handcraft products, to achieve food security along the land with making it open for national and international trade through extension of the corridor. In addition, the aim is to re-use the concrete panels of the segregation wall as part of a new urban formation in the area of the agricultural school, which is located on the line separating the two areas, to keep the memory of the present place and emphasize the intention of connection.

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