Milan Raković

doc. mag. Polona Filipič, MArch Bi
doc. Primož Hočevar
asist. Sinan Mihelčič

How does one mitigate the negative consequences of gentrification inducing projects brought up by the current property development models? The project aims to implement urban design in a complex economic environment, where the social structure of an entire neighborhood could be reorganized by bringing in a single investment, which in this case would be oriented towards tourism and luxury residential sales. This trend is completely logical for attractive seaside locations, and from an average investor’s point of view, it makes the most sense profit-wise. But what if we think beyond profit? What if we try to create a new economic model that could benefit not just future users, but current local population, investors and the local authorities.
The ethos of this project is unity. The unity of all connected parties in a very local environment with a lot of tradition. As a designer and an investor, one must find a way to incorporate existing tradition with projected social patterns, revenue generating possibilities with preservation of opportunities, and future magnitude with the existing atmosphere. This kind of project transparency could only be achieved through unity of public and private, where responsibilities, ideas and gains are shared.

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