Youth home

Nađa Dubajić

mentor: doc. Mojca Gregorski
asistent: asist. Matevž Zalar
demonstratorja: Špela Kranjec in Aljaž Tumpej

After graduation many people find it difficult to adjust to a new part of their life, switching from student to adult life tends to take a toll on one’s emotional state, and students who have lived in a student home are left without one. In the hope of minimizing their post-grad isolation, the Youth Home would seem like an adequate substitute for student housing.

The youth home would be a blend of one’s social, private and business life. Business life is a small office building that would co-finance the student apartments; private life being their small scale apartments, and social life being based in the open areas on and around the building.

The current building on the location has only one open facade on one of its sides, the small square, and has no connection to the park next to it. The aim of the new building is to ‘open up’ the location on all its sides connect it to the park and broaden the open areas, therefore the programs are surrounded by open spaces and terraces and there are no stairs in the interior so all movement in the building would be on the outside surfaces to spread the movement around the building more evenly.

To help connect these open spaces and frame the views of the park and castle, juxtaposed walls were placed following the geometry of the existing building. In the apartments, the bedrooms are placed facing the park and morning sun while the living areas are turned to the evening sun face the castle and old part of Prule. Large windows are placed not only to complement the views, light and the floating construction of the building but to help connect the opposite open spaces and people too. On the other hand, it was important to incorporate the trees from the park in the picture, so an amphitheatre is built around the existing trees for extra shade in the summer days where people can sit and enjoy the view of the park.

Prilagodljiv dom
Aleksandra Kuzeva