Odprta kuhna šola

Angel Arsovski

mentor: doc. Mojca Gregorski
asistent: asist. Matevž Zalar
demonstratorja: Špela Kranjec in Aljaž Tumpej

To reimagine a school means to put aside our own experience and memories of a school, and go a step further. The project aims to create a school that would be widely accessible, would embody diversity, and encourage freedom of choice. The program of the school is based on learning life skills and is intended to allow people from different social backgrounds and different generations to improve their competencies in different subjects. Part of the project is also to extend the learning process out of the learning space and into the public spaces. By creating small public squares, where knowledge can be transferred through socialization and interaction.

If we analyze how Odprta Kuhna (open kitchen) functions, we can imagine our school as a system of activity nodes, that have a certain quality. That quality is the learning and the public spaces, which would attract people. The dispersion of these nodes would encourage movement and exploration. The project also establishes principles on how to intervene in historical parts of cities and react accordingly to specific locations, with the aim of creating more public spaces.

Fotografije makete: Miran Kambič