Soustvarjalni LABirint med mostovoma

Valerie Wernerová

mentor:  izr. prof. dr. Sonja Ifko
somentor: dr. Miloš Kosec

The revitalisation of this old part of the paper factory is focused on reviving nice and hidden spaces for the people of Vevče and from Ljubljana. Some functions and programs are rare in the capital city and could be an interesting addition, like educational and fun center, laser game, escape room…

Problems with parking for the paper company and possible visitors are resolved with the reconstruction of the central building which, in the ground floor contains a loud electrical plant and in upper floors new spaces for parking.

The most public activities and life is focused into the ground floor. There is new outdoors covered market, community spaces, spaces for sport, restaurant and cafe and more. The upper floors contain more private spaces with the possibility for renting and other uses. ,mAll of the buildings are connected with green corridors for better orientation and access.

View on the west facade open room
View on the jetty and the greenhouse