The Institute for Integrative Learning: Generative Ruins

Yago Martín Granados

mentor:  prof. dr. Tadeja Zupančič
mentor: izr. prof. dr. Tomaž Novljan
mentor: doc. Paul O Robinson
consultant: doc. dr. Simon Petrovčič

We seek to generate a learning space based on the idea of collective knowledge, seeking with this space to promote communication, connection and collaboration (CCC) between different research areas, supporting the idea that thanks to these mixtures and these processes each of these research areas is enriched and improved.
A PERMEABLE space, which allows exchange with its environment, with the rest of the spaces that surround it and learn from each other (integrating learning).
With this objective in mind, we seek a large common space where these various research areas can meet. We flee from the popular organization of rooms and corridors, understanding that
This organization is more closed and does not enrich these possible connections so much. We propose a different system, based on a large public space where a series of furniture and objects appear that break the space and generate routes and therefore generate encounters. The life of the building unfolds in this fragmented common space.
The entire building is raised on a Roman site in the ancient city of Emona, and this memory of the past is the main organizing agent of the building’s shape, where the axes of these ruins make up the traces of the new building.

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